User Order Processing System (UOPS)
Last Update - 30 March 2021

Migration to NEW User Friendly EO Data Hub " Bhoonidhi - Free & Priced data "
*All existing UOPS users can use same login credentials at Bhoonidhi
New Bhoonidhi Version:

This version of Bhoonidhi supports "Single Sensor Ordering, CartoDEM, Multi sensor ordering like Stereo, Merged scenes"

  • For ordering data belonging to better than 1m resolution sensors please contact NDC, NRSC.

  • Existing UOPS :

    To use UOPS, kindly follow the following procedure as outlined in this document (v1.3)

    UOPS will be disabled very soon.

    *Please Note: All Private Organization users are non exempted from GST

    Contact :

    For queries and issues contact us at,